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My goal is to style for artists and designers and work together with them to showcase their works of arts and creativity, thus, develop new brands together-with new and striving artist and designers” — Mohinder Sobti

Stylish Indian is a theme, launched 1st July 2020, while working with a small team from our studio between Italy, Netherlands and Poland by team Studio Asiemik and supported by Hagardhs BV, a private limited company in The Netherlands. We would be glad to hear from you, on how we can work together. All photos are made by artists who are starting up as photographers, thus, driving our goal to support artists. Photos are also more straight out of the camera, because, we don’t want to photoshop the photos and promote glamour. Our vision is to drive our style to fashion.

Please e-mail us at with the subject: ‘Stylish Indian’ and let us know your queries and we shall surely get in touch and hopefully also work on some fine projects too.

Thank you!
Stylish Indian Studio Asiemik team

Stylish Indian by Hagardhs B.V
Anna Blamansingel Amsterdam Z.O.
The Netherlands
Skype: studioasiemik

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