Everything is possible, as long as you believe

Everything is possible, as long as you believe, You will make it happen. And when you believe in yourself and your dreams, You send those thoughts to the Universe, who makes the way, to let You, live Your Life. 

Success, it’s a beautiful blend of hard work, dream, passion, loyalty, and above all, believing in your beliefs. Now, when I sit back and feel the last two decades of my life, I remember how it was and perhaps it’s time to summarise it all together in storytelling. Because there will come a time in everyone’s life, when we feel, each one should inspire one, to be able to make a better society around us.

So here’s to people, passions, inspirations, dreams, loyalty, hard-work and struggles, here’s to good karma and and let goodness happen. 

Break it down simply, here’s to living a healthy lifestyle with a high protein diet (excluding that beer which is neither healthy nor any protein just that, alcohol is one of the finest luxuries for lifestyle).

Starting my day with a coffee in the vintage ambience of a green cafe Nero, then talking a walk around the beautiful old town of Warsaw to grab a good meal followed by a game of snookers and let’s cheers with some beers end of the day.  

Swiss Made Automatic GMT watch by Revue Thommen a perfect partner for travellers especially, along with a handmade Italian leather bespoke designer bag which suits to carry just those essentials we need when we are on the walk, phones, wallet, chargers and keys. 

Now, that’s just a lifestyle 

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It takes courage to adore and cherish handmade leather goods

It takes courage to adore and cherish handmade leather goods, because these are not mass produced goods, but arts, and indeed with a soul, the less hands that make a craft described as one with soul, as it is a creation of one artist and designer

Our collections of handmade leather bags and goods such as wallets and laptop and smartphone sleeves and wallets and even our most popular minimalist wallets are all handmade by hands and not machines, thus each creation has a rough and raw finishing, giving it a true vintage style. 

We use only the finest Italian vegetable tanned leather and cotton waxed threads and in some of our creations we use handmade buckles made of either brass, and even sterling silver and some even with 9K and 18k Gold buckles all handmade in Italy 

Some of our creations are also made of exotic skin such as crocodile, alligators, dear, elk, cordons, sourced only from registered dealers in European Union. 

Bespoke, each of our creations are exclusively made for you on orders, thus, each of our creations are unique and authentic 

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There is time for everything, and a season for every activity. ‘Each moment of our life has it’s own beauty’.

Summer had it’s own vibes and now soon fall will have it’s own chill. Being patient and observing and living these blessed moments are truly worth out lifetime.

Seasons change, some people may change but fact is, art and good times are forever, for those, who feel their inner selves.

So, here’s to artisans who work with hands crafting finest leather bags and to Swiss Watch makers for crafting time pieces.

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