Forget the rules, if you like it, wear it

Brands have driven us the way they wanted. Films is one source to see new fashion style and we grew up seeing films from the 60s, 70s, and even 80s, where men and women were dressed elegant. And then, came in the trends of shorts and torn clothing style! Thats weird to me though, because, when the rich see poor people in torn clothes, they charity clothes to them and then these are those rich who pay a premium price tag to buy torn clothing for their own fashion style.

I have nothing against other peoples fashion style, but, to me, elegance is always stylish. I love to wear elegant clothing and thats my style. A jacket, with shirt and trousers or jeans, leather shoes, and I love jewellery such as a natural gemstone stud with matching ring. And when its a watch, it got to be a Swiss Made Watch. Each of these, are unique style to fashion.

The Danny boy, handmade derby cap by Sterkowski MADE IN POLAND is one of the finest new collections I pride. Together with, also Polish handmade shirt by Pietro Monnti and, Abia men’s clothing blazer or jacket as some might say. One most essential style statement I would like to make is, when wearing a blazer / coat / jacket, men must have a pocket insert or better a handkerchief for sure. This adds elegance and, when dating a woman, shows respect to her, especially when she is emotional, one will have at least a hanky to offer, during those moments of togetherness. My stud I got from Bobbelia boutique, a true platform promoting artists and designers and selected handmade jewellery.

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