Style looks better, when you feel good from inside

The only rule of style is, that, there are no rules. It’s our life, and it’s all about how we feel, about us, about our ambitions, our goals and above all, our happiness. All this together, is our style, our fashion statement.

Handmade Italian leather bag by artist and designer Sobti, MADE IN ITALY, from Handmade Leather Boutique, Loake good-year welted shoes MADE IN UK, Swiss Made Watch, from Swiss Watch Boutique, Handmade Natural Gemstone Bracelet and Natural Gemstone Stud MADE IN INDIA, from Bobbelia Boutique, Jeans and Shirt by designer Olga boutique MADE IN POLAND, now, thats my style to promote Bespoke and Handmade fashion style from Europe and India

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We are an Independent Digital Studio by Hagardhs BV, a company registered in The Netherlands, producing low budget advertising materials for online publicity. Our services include complete creation of photos and videos for online publicity, develop, support-maintain website/Facebook Page and social media campaigns. We shall team with you and provide you with our finest services at all times.

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