Every Step must be meaningful in life, with Carlos Santos Shoes

Established during 1940s, around northern Portugal, Carlos Santos Shoes, today ranks amongst the world’s finest handmade luxury shoes. With collections both in goodyear-welted and blake these shoes are indeed truly a pride to add on our collections.

These cognac hand painted patina, whole cut, shoe is one of the finest together with a matching belt and shoe tree. All packed beautifully to add that luxury feel. The shoes are truly comfortable and, as the maker says, shoes must be perfect fit, meaning, not loose or tight which otherwise can give blisters. If a shoe does not break in the first few moments of wearing and walking, it probably never will.

My leather bag is handmade by Sobti from Handmade Leather Boutique, my Swiss Watch, is an automatic Swiss Made Watch by Grovana from Swiss Watch Boutique and, jewellery from Bobbelia Boutique whereas, my clothing; a handmade jacket by  Maria Ceran and pocket square and shirt is by Poszetka both Made in Poland by Joanna’s Boutique

And I am glad enjoy a photoshoot in my favourite city, Warsaw in Poland

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