That Girl From Ukraine

A story actually inspired by talking to Alesia Lifantii. Because, starting up as an independent gorilla filmmaker, wasn’t easy. No matter how much passion, how much well prepared one is, when your challenges are working with squeezed budgets, and without a portfolio, that very first step, that very first filmmaking, becomes challenging. I must admit,Continue reading “That Girl From Ukraine”

Let’s make summers stylish

Every season is a blessing and, thus, must be cherished lovingly. I like to style elegant, while being in relaxed casuals, as I often say and even live this lifestyle. A style which blends well both while at works and meet-ups or just hanging out on weekends. Keeping it simple, to my style, is theContinue reading “Let’s make summers stylish”

Elegance never goes out of style

Style is about simplicity with elegance. It can always have flavours of our gratitude for Our Universe, and, the goodness around us. Style, is about who we are and, how much we are in love with ourselves. Our love with us, is about adoring our unique self, and not letting the ego in us ruleContinue reading “Elegance never goes out of style”