Style is about our passion for life

These last six months, taught us a new experience, something so new and so challenging for our generation, that we had never talked about it earlier, or ever debated in our business schools. Let alone discussing about it at our university, high school or even at the school itself. Either we can let it go away, and try to live with it, or we can take a stand. I pledge to take a stand.

Our life, was all about fashion and brands, from now on, it must be all about our style. Because I believe that our style is fashion. Brands had outsourced the making of products in countries with cheap labour and then, they sold these brands at a premium to us, especially in the European Union. While this brought in huge profits to the brands itself, however it took away opportunities from many small businesses and individuals in European Union, and even many countries globally. And all this, for cheap labour, that too in the country who still does not respect human rights! And from a country who gave us one of the most toughest experience of our life these last six months, leaving scars for many, forever…

Let us take a stand, let us support the artists and designers who are from the European Union, who make the products in the European Union, by using the labour from the European Union. Being an Indian born I shall of course always be loyal to my Country and support the idea of MAKE IN INDIA and promote Indian products, however, since I am a resident in the European Union, I shall equally show my loyalty towards Europe and products MADE IN EUROPE. Because I believe, if brands want our loyalty, it is time they understand and respect our emotions too. If brands want to sell their products in Europe they must also make them in Europe. And by taking the stand we will once again have opportunities in a European Union new industries will come up and give opportunities to a new generation.

Let us drive together to be Stylist because Our Style is Fashion

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