That Girl From Ukraine

That Girl From Ukraine – Trailer 01 – 1 May 2023

Plot: This is a story inspired by true events, about a girl who moved out of Ukraine, because of the war in her country. Upon arriving to Poland, in the camp, she meets with an older guy, who seems helpful and responsible and caring and helps hosting her for a night before she travels to her friend to another city. As events unfold, they seem to have found a friend in each other. But his past troubled experiences with women, and his life experiences, let his male ego come into this new relationship, which eventually takes a turn and a friendship which could have done well for both to start a new life, comes to an end.

FEATURE FILM That Girl from Ukraine
STARING Alesia Lifantii & Mohinder Sobti
ENGLISH LANGUAGE Feature Film / Subtitled (maybe even dubbed in Ukrainian)
GENRE Romantic, drama, like true story (18+)
SUBTITLES Karina Bilko, Mohinder Sobti
CASTING by Elena Sousa
SPONSORS Swiss Watch Boutique, Handmade Leather Boutique, Hagardhs Foundation

STATUS UPDATES starting 14 May 2023, we have sent the film to few festivals, and shall share all future updates here on our website.

More about the film and its making;

A story actually inspired by talking to Alesia Lifantii. Because, starting up as an independent gorilla filmmaker, wasn’t easy. No matter how much passion, how much well prepared one is, when your challenges are working with squeezed budgets, and without a portfolio, that very first step, that very first filmmaking, becomes challenging. I must admit, Alesia saw my passion for indie filmmaking and even said, “I see lots of passion in you sure, we must work on something together”. And that, inspired me to give my regards to her, and thus, this story happened.

It’s a story about that girl from Ukrain, who lost every thing she had in the war, and moved to another country seeking for a new life and coincidently meets a guy at the camp, who tries his best to be of help, which eventually unfolds to friendship and then that male ego which often leads to the drama in the story. This is our first part, and we surely hope to have a second version sometime sooner. Because, we want happy endings in life.

We finished filming in June 2022, and, around August 2022, the first cut for director and actress was made ready. Now this film will go through the final cut and eventually colour correction and sound engineering and hopefully an original score, before, its ready for screening between a small group and then, lets travel festivals with it.

We shall continue to share all updates here. So, follow us and be with us on our step to this new journey of our independent gorilla filmmaking. Because, together, we will be winners. Our goal, is to make meaningful and motivational content and be a part of your weekends, to chill together.

Alesia’s reference in English
Alesia’s reference in Ukrainian
That Girl From Ukraine – After film talks with Actress: Alesia and Actor & Director: Mohinder Sobti

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