Dressing Elegantly also means cherishing every moment we are blessed with

Hats, a great head covering and a perfect gear for weather conditions, and also worn as part of ceremonies, and even for safety and, for its fashion statement, has its unique style, elegance, and above all, its storytelling. In the past Hats were associated with social status, and then as part of uniform for services. Yet, its one style which needs to be cherished in order to drive the craftsmanship for it’s making.

Sterkowski one of the finest Hat and Caps maker, based in Poland, has strived since 1926 to add elegance to our lifestyle. A family owned company, today their third and fourth generation continue to devote to this craft as the finest hat makers in Europe.

After all, we deserve to pamper ourselves, because, we are unique creations from Our Universe. The model of hat used for this photoshoot is, the Sterkowski Fedora Mosca. And the photos are in shades of grey to add a vintage look to the style. The Swiss Made Watch is a model from Swiss Watch Boutique, REVUE THOMMEN Diver’s Chronograph Swiss Made Automatic Watch, and the jewellery from Bobbelia Boutique.

Reference links: Swiss Watch Boutique www.swisswatch.boutique Sterkowski www.Sterkowski.com

Enjoying winters, fashionably

The best style during winters, is to stay warm. And style can be charming together-with the Hugo boss Winter Collections; relaxed Jeans by Cadini, shirt, jacket, over coat and scarf and leather gloves by Hugo Boss, ED leather cap by Sterkowski, swede shoes by Gino Rossi. And one of my most favourite Swiss Made Watch by Revue Thommen from Swiss Watch Boutique. Handmade Natural Gemstone stud by Bobbelia Boutique. Handmade Italian Leather Shoulder Bag by Handmade Leather Boutique.

Because, every season can be enjoyed fashionably.

Reference links: Swiss Watch Boutique www.swisswatch.boutique Handmade Leather Boutique www.handmadeleather.boutique

Style is much more interesting than Fashion

Every decade leaves behind a history, with new learnings, developments, and, with a new definition to style and fashion. This decade will be a blend of class, elegance and, with minimalist highlights.

Presently, the SPRING 2021 collections from Sobti ™ Handmade Italian Leather Bag, made to order / Bespoke, using the finest Italian vegetable tanned leather, sourced from tanneries registered with the Italian Vegetable tanned leather consortium and, cotton waxed thread from Italy. This bag has one large section, meaning, one pocket and is sized 40cm x 30cm x 15cm, ideally, a perfect carry on bag with most air-lines, and, a perfect size for our daily needs, be it at work, or just with our lifestyle. Available in 10 different colours, this, bag truly defines our style to fashion with its raw, rough texture.

Handmade by hands, meaning, no part of the bag was stitched, made, or finished by any machine. Thus, it has a raw and rough look with some un-even stitching too. After all, handmade is a work of art and a craft from the artist.

Handmade by Artist and designer Mohinder Sobti and available exclusively on Handmade Leather Boutique. https://handmadeleather.boutique

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