Men with Style are great, because, they live with their charm and elegance

We deserve some time off from our busy work and life, to adore the mystique beauty around our surroundings. And, even we men, have essentials to carry with us, while on the go, and yet, in a mood for chilling around. An average, we need to carry our wallet, smartphone, some even might carry a charger too, and, then, there are always ID cards and other such essentials too, especially those to travel in multi-cities and countries. So, not always we are in a mood to carry bags. Thats when a cross body bag suits the need at best. And, this model, is truly a marvel.

This Cross body bag, is handmade using the finest Italian Vegetable tanned leather and, is available in 10 different colours, from Handmade Leather Boutique. My eye wear, as always, from Hugo Boss and, clothing from Joann’s Boutique, together with Carlos Santos shoes, whole-cut.

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Every Watch tells time, only a Swiss Made Watch, tells Your Time

We all need sometime off. Off from our busy works of life, from those endless phone calls, chats and, never ending video talks. What more can be meaningful, than, to spend some time with the 3 most important and interesting person of our life; ‘Me, Myself and I”, the trio who is about us, the creator, who creates art, the destroyer who destroys ego and the intellect, who strives the mystique beauty of our life. Because, this is all that we have, this very moment, so let’s live it totally and joyously.

We can make our time, meaningful and give that style to make it fashionable as well. With a Swiss Made Automatic Watch, from CX Swiss Military, one of the world’s finest, its truly an experience worth it. This beautiful INVINSIBLE TT is Swiss Made with with ETA 2824 movement, sapphire crystal glass, stainless steel case / bracelet with a transparent case back and water resistant 200m, its truly elegance to pride every time.

My clothing and eye wear are from Joann’s boutique, a summer collection of HUGO BOSS shorts, shirt and underwear, together with socks and shoes. My eye-wear is also from HUGO BOSS. And Swiss Watch by Swiss Watch Boutique

Swiss Watch Boutique

Elegance never goes out of style

Style is about simplicity with elegance. It can always have flavours of our gratitude for Our Universe, and, the goodness around us. Style, is about who we are and, how much we are in love with ourselves. Our love with us, is about adoring our unique self, and not letting the ego in us rule us. Because, we are all born originals, so we must adore our unique personalities. If we are an interesting individual, the world around us, will be interesting, and together, we will be in harmony.

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