It takes courage to adore handmade art

It takes courage to adore handmade art because, it has a soul. Indeed, handmade crafts by an artist alone (the less hands that make art) has a soul because it is born from one person with a creative mind working with hands to give birth to his creations. Here’s saluting all those artisans working from their studios and mesmerising us with their unique and authentic works 

A perfect day bag and could be even used for overnight travels, with one large section, big enough for work and life essentials and a pocket to carry note book or phone at ease. Handmade (by hands and not machine) from the finest Italian vegetable tanned leather and cotton waxed thread from Italy, this, is one true unique authentic and stylish bag to walk around with

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Let’s make summers stylish

Every season is a blessing and, thus, must be cherished lovingly. I like to style elegant, while being in relaxed casuals, as I often say and even live this lifestyle. A style which blends well both while at works and meet-ups or just hanging out on weekends. Keeping it simple, to my style, is the key to elegance; with trousers and shirt and a blazer and socks and shoes always, thats my style. And, during summers, I just go with summer-style; keeping it same, or with jeans and shirt or even polos, and loafer shoes together with loafer-socks. The charm is to style the same, just blending along with the changing seasons.

And adding to dressing style some accessories which does well, such as a Swiss Made Automatic Watch, rings with silver and natural gemstones, bracelets with silver and or even natural gemstones, handmade by artists and designers, underlines the respect towards art and artists and, speaks about our ideologies towards authenticity and love for art.

Let’s celebrate these goodness moments

It’s weekend, so there is always time to pamper ourselves, because that’s the one best thing we can do to cherish our blessings. And we also deserve to treat us too. So just after works, let’s first take a walk in the old town and cherish its architect and then, let’s cheers some fine polish beer with vegetarian salads too. Warsaw city you are truly adorable.

Dressing elegantly is not just formal wears for official meetings but also a style to define your own personality. When you feel thankful to Our Universe you will cherish pampering yourself. And that’s not show off that’s just living your style.

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