Every Watch tells time, only a Swiss Made Watch, tells your time

I still remember long ago, when we had started working with our Swiss Watch Boutique during one of our presentations, a fine gentleman asked me, tell one thing special about a Swiss Watch, and I looked at him in his eye for a moment and said these words, every since it’s become our ad liner;

“Every Watch tells time, Only a Swiss Made Watch, tells your time”

And there is meaning in those words too! Indeed, every watch tells time, but when it’s a Swiss Made Watch, it tells the good times You, are blessed with. Moreover, Swiss Made Watch, is just not a timepiece, or a device to see time. Ideally, if we were to just see the time, we have so many options all around, even now our smartphones can show us the time around the clock. A Swiss Made Watch, is a form of authentic and quality craftsmanship, and, carries a strong history along with those two words SWISS MADE which clearly defines an individual’s personality for quality goods and a quality lifestyle. Further, highlighting the fact that, Swiss Made Watches are handmade by skilled people using almost 80% of spare parts made and assembled by Swiss Watch makers in Switzerland. Thus, ensuring the world’s finest quality standards in Swiss Watch making.

From my collections of Swiss Watch, one of my favourite remains, Swiss Made Automatic Watch by GROVANA, a family owned company and Swiss Watch makers since 1924.

Another add on to my wardrobe is a handmade jacket by designer Maria Ceran, a fine polish designer, crafting jackets for men, where each model is made no more than 12 units, now thats truly adorable knowing that, these are unique styles to fashion. My pocket square and shirt is by Poszetka another fine collections MADE IN POLAND After all thats exactly my goal, to associate together with artists and designers from Europe and promote fashion goods MADE IN EUROPE.

My selection of jewellery is from Bobbelia a boutique offering handmade jewellery by artists and designers from INDIA and EUROPE. And, as always, my selection of leather is from Handmade Leather Boutique offering the finest Italian Vegetable tanned leather, handmade to order. While my eye wear is from Hugo Boss

Style looks better, when you feel good from inside

The only rule of style is, that, there are no rules. It’s our life, and it’s all about how we feel, about us, about our ambitions, our goals and above all, our happiness. All this together, is our style, our fashion statement.

Handmade Italian leather bag by artist and designer Sobti, MADE IN ITALY, from Handmade Leather Boutique, Loake good-year welted shoes MADE IN UK, Swiss Made Watch, from Swiss Watch Boutique, Handmade Natural Gemstone Bracelet and Natural Gemstone Stud MADE IN INDIA, from Bobbelia Boutique, Jeans and Shirt by designer Olga boutique MADE IN POLAND, now, thats my style to promote Bespoke and Handmade fashion style from Europe and India

There is always a story in every piece of jewellery

Jewellery, or as we studied in history, ornaments, has ideally being part of our grooming every since history. We’ve grown up studying how ornaments were a style to showcase one’s personality, and fondness towards arts and life. Our history books since the era of the pharaohs, and the Roman emperors, those Greek warriors, and of course, all those Kinds and Queens and Artisans, and travellers, were colourful decors with endless photos and each with its own history and glory. So, where did that fashion ever go? It’s gone with those designers who sat at their luxury yachts and designed fashion for us, which they changed every season, so that, we could be part of their story. And in all this story telling, we might have either forgotten our story, or, we never took an initiative to write our story.

We all have a story, depends how we say it. My story and my collection of jewellery is all part of the finest handmade jewellery made from natural gemstones and sterling silver MADE IN INDIA, baltic amber jewellery with sterling silver MADE IN POLAND and some fine sterling silver jewellery MADE IN ITALY. Each one, has a story telling to do which is exciting to share over coffee and talks. So, whats your story for today? Bobbelia Boutique

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