Style is much more interesting than fashion

Every decade leaves behind a history, with new learnings, developments, and, with a new definition to style and fashion. This decade will be a blend of class, elegance and, with minimalist highlights. 

Presently, the SPRING 2023 collections from Sobti ™ Handmade Italian Leather Bags, made to order / Bespoke, using the finest Italian vegetable tanned leather, sourced from tanneries registered with the Italian Vegetable tanned leather consortium and, cotton waxed thread from Italy. These bags have one large section, meaning, one pocket and is sized 35cm x 25cm x 10cm, ideally, a perfect bag for work essentials, and fits in an Apple MacBook Air, and the other bag is size 22cm x 16cm x 10cm, fits in an iPad Mini, a perfect size for our daily needs, be it at work, or just with our lifestyle. Available in 10 different colours, this, bag truly defines our style to fashion with its raw, rough texture. 

And one of my most favourites;


‘Exclusively Made For You’

Handmade Italian vegetable tanned leather wrist-watch strap ‘Zulu Style’. 

Made from semi soft leather, sourced from tanneries registered with the Italian vegetable tanned leather consortium. The leather is around 1,5-1,8mm thick and 27 cm long and around 2,5 cm wide. These dimensions can be crafted exclusively for your watch model. For this model, one long piece of leather is used, folded to stitch the buckle on to the strap, and saddled stitched by hands. No part of the strap was finished by any machine. Thus, this design gives a rough-and-tough look or the rugged kind of look, and blends well with especially those large size watches. 

The buckle is handmade of Sterling Silver 925 and is around 20g. And can also craft the buckle in 9K, 18K Gold. The buckle is handmade by Paolo Lapini in Florence, in Italy. And there is also have an option for a metal buckle with a vintage brass look.

Handmade by hands, meaning, no part of the bag was stitched, made, or finished by any machine. Thus, it has a raw and rough look with some un-even stitching too. After all, handmade is a work of art and a craft from the artist. 

Handmade by Artist and designer Mohinder Sobti and available exclusively on 

Handmade Leather Boutique.

And Swiss Made Automatic Watch available exclusively on

Swiss Watch Boutique

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