To, the 3 most important persons’ We meet in Our life; “Me, Myself and I”

Philosophically saying, when we are at peace with ourselves, we find happiness within… and thats when we become interesting individuals, having developed our own style, charm and elegance. Only when we are happy with ourselves, we can share happiness with others. Whereas, the egoist mind lives far from such beliefs. Here’s to cherishing some fineContinue reading “To, the 3 most important persons’ We meet in Our life; “Me, Myself and I””

Enjoying winters, fashionably

The best style during winters, is to stay warm. And style can be charming together-with the Hugo boss Winter Collections; relaxed Jeans by Cadini, shirt, jacket, over coat and scarf and leather gloves by Hugo Boss, ED leather cap by Sterkowski, swede shoes by Gino Rossi. And one of my most favourite Swiss Made WatchContinue reading “Enjoying winters, fashionably”

Style is much more interesting than Fashion

Every decade leaves behind a history, with new learnings, developments, and, with a new definition to style and fashion. This decade will be a blend of class, elegance and, with minimalist highlights. Presently, the SPRING 2021 collections from Sobti ™ Handmade Italian Leather Bag, made to order / Bespoke, using the finest Italian vegetable tannedContinue reading “Style is much more interesting than Fashion”