Enjoying winters, fashionably

The best style during winters, is to stay warm. And style can be charming together-with the Hugo boss Winter Collections; relaxed Jeans by Cadini, shirt, jacket, over coat and scarf and leather gloves by Hugo Boss, ED leather cap by Sterkowski, swede shoes by Gino Rossi. And one of my most favourite Swiss Made WatchContinue reading “Enjoying winters, fashionably”

Every Watch tells time, only a Swiss Made Watch, tells your time

I still remember long ago, when we had started working with our Swiss Watch Boutique during one of our presentations, a fine gentleman asked me, tell one thing special about a Swiss Watch, and I looked at him in his eye for a moment and said these words, every since it’s become our ad liner;Continue reading “Every Watch tells time, only a Swiss Made Watch, tells your time”

Every step must be meaningful in life, with LOAKE SHOES

One of the finest entry level luxury shoes in my collections. Loake Brothers Ltd is a British shoemaker since 1880, family owned and still located in Kettering, Northamptonshire. Northamptonshire, is the centre, rather capital of British shoemaking industry. During 1894, the company expanded its factory to wood street, where it is still located. Loake specialisesContinue reading “Every step must be meaningful in life, with LOAKE SHOES”